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Microenterprise at HANDmeUPs

What is a Microenterprise?

Microenterprise is defined as a business with no more than five employees and start up costs of $35,000 or less. In the majority of microenterprises, the owner is the sole operator and worker, leading many to refer to this phenomenon as self employment. 

HANDmeUPs Thrift now has four individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) exhibiting their works in the store. We provide an opportunity to have their individual artwork available for sale to the public. Below is a list of the artists who are on display. 

We presently have space available. If you are an individual with autism/IDD and live in the Triangle area and interested in seeing your work displayed and available for sale at HANDmeUPs Thrift please send an email to Rita Faust: 


Cassie Cunningham

Embroidery Creations

Deborah Elisabeth Trower