​​​​HANDmeUPs Thrift

  • "This is such a worthy organization! The merchandise is amazing and there's something for everyone- clothes, shoes, furniture, jewelry, books, toys, etc. Everything is well displayed, clean and organized. Giving adults with developmental disabilities an opportunity to have a job and feel purposeful is invaluable. The entire staff in the store is helpful, kind and happy!"
  • ​"Holy cow! I am impressed every time I visit this thrift store. No, it's not the incredible selection of quality finds. No, it's not the low prices. No, it's not the cleanliness. It's the genuine care that the all staff has for others. Some of the staff have disabilities, but through this store, they are learning and have learned how to interact with the public in a positive way. Yes, the store has great product at a great price, but the real deal about this place is the learning about the diversity of humanity that is going on with all that enter...both the staff with and without disabilties, as well as the customers. Keep it up."
  • "I love this thrift store and I love its mission. At a time when NC is making cuts everywhere, we finally have an organization that is creating jobs and making dreams come true. The store is huge, awesome and packed with wonderful items for sale. The staff are kind, genuine and helpful. Thanks so much to the managers and volunteers who are reaching their hands out and up. SHOP HERE!"
  • ​"This is a great business to support! The people are super friendly and helpful and the prices are great!!"
  • "I've been shopping thrift stores for over three decades. This nonprofit has an awesome mission! It gave me goosebumps when I heard about it. I appreciate what's being done for individuals with disabilities. This organization sets a perfect example. Thank you!"
  • "The nicest thrift store in Raleigh. I have found some very nice clothes as well as many other items here. Book selection is very good. Prices are excellent. Staff is friendly. I go in at least once a week to see what new treasures I might find.

Donations we accept:

  • gently used clean clothing and accessories

  • jewelry

  • working small appliances and electronics

  • ​household items

  • furniture in good condition

  • FLAT screen TVs only (no other kind accepted)

  • ​clean linens

  • knicknacks

  • ​toys, games, puzzles (no missing pieces)

  • ​tools

  • ​sporting equipment (no large items)

Donations we cannot accept:

  • soiled or damaged mattresses

  • water bed or water bed accessories

  • large desks

  • printers

  • pool or ping pong tables

  • medical supplies

  • ​large exercise equipment

  • pianos/organs

  • ​Large CRT TV's (kind that are NOT flat TV's)

​All donations are tax-deductible. 

Donations are accepted during regular store hours. Please drive to the rear of the store (drive to the back of the Food Lion and look for our door (#102) and we will assist you with your donations. Thank you!


We’re not just another thrift store! What makes us unique?
HANDmeUPs Thrift was created solely for the purpose of providing volunteer and employment opportunities to individuals with autism and other intellectual developmental disabilities while meeting the community’s needs. The store is managed by Gena Brown and Jeff Fleming, specialists who have a combined 30+ years experience working with people with disabilities in education, employment training, and job coaching. They understand the varying abilities of teens/adults with developmental disabilities and provide a work environment where individuals can master specific tasks and be successful employees. HANDmeUPs Thrift now has 21 part-time employees who work a variety of jobs including back room attendants, production associates and cashiers!

Everyone in the community benefits:
· Items donated are tax-deductible.
· Greener environment as items will be re-used/recycled/repurposed.
· All proceeds are used to create jobs and opportunities for adults with autism and/or other intellectual/developmental disabilities living in our community.

Mission Statement: Creating jobs and advocating for adults with autism and/or other Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD) in the Triangle.

Vision Statement: Adults with Autism/IDD will have meaningful choices wherever they live, learn, earn, play and pray. 

Store hours: Mon, Tue, Wed., Thur, Fri, 9-7; Saturday: 9-6, Sun: 12-6

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