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We gladly accept:

  • Gently used clean clothing and accessories

  • Jewelry

  • Working small appliances and electronics

  • ​Household items

  • Furniture in good condition

  • Flat screen TVs only (no other kind accepted)

  • ​Clean linens

  • Knickknacks

  • ​Toys, games, puzzles (no missing pieces)

  • ​Tools

  • ​Sporting equipment (no large items)

We cannot accept:

  • Mattresses of any size

  • Bedframes and headboards

  • Cribs and crib mattresses

  • Water beds or water bed accessories

  • Infant and toddler car seats

  • Walkers and crutches

  • Large desks

  • Oversized pieces of furniture that cannot be taken apart

  • Printers

  • Pool or Ping Pong tables

  • Medical supplies

  • ​Large exercise equipment

  • Pianos/organs

  • ​Large CRT TV's (those that are not flat screen)

  • Encyclopedias

  • Hazardous items like pool chemicals, bleach, old tires, etc

  • Weapons of any kind; incl. knives, guns, tasers, pepper spray, arrows.

We cannot accept ANY ITEMS IN POOR CONDITION (anything that is broken, torn, stained, or smells) !!!

Donations are accepted at the rear of the store during these hours ONLY. Please do NOT leave donations anywhere when the store is closed as incremental weather can cause donations to become damaged and no longer available for sale.

Thank you!

  • Monday - Saturday: 10-5

All donations are tax deductible. Please drive to the rear of the store (back of the Food Lion and look for our door #102) and we will assist you with your donations. Thank you!

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