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Featured here are some of our awesome employees:


One of our ROCK STAR EMPLOYEES... Our Asst. Manager in Training, Jeffrey, does just about every job in the store. Several days a week you will also find him at the cash register and greeting customers.


Nick, aka "Mr. Electronics", is responsible for testing and getting all electronic items out on the floor. His work station is designed specifically for his needs so it gives him the ability to work efficiently and in a safe manner.

Miss Ashley

Miss Ashley... one of our cheeriest employees who loves to sing while she works. She is very sociable and friendly with our customers. She is our puzzle girl! She organizes the puzzles until she feels they are perfect... just like her!

Miss Destiny

Miss Destiny loves working with clothes & stocking the shelves


Rhett's always willing to assist customers with a smile.

We get compliments daily about our store.


But that only happens because of our dedicated employees!!

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